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Recent Learning Workshops/Meetups Attended

I have been in a number of meetups, boot-camps, workshops, etc from which I have been able to add some new skills and improve my existing skills.
  • Progate to learn programming language of my choice. I choose HTML & CSS
  • Trainers Discuss if, how, and why we train human rights defenders on Tor
  • Decentralize the internet with Onion Services
  • Tor Project new Community portal
  • Informed stakeholder debate and participation in policy processes to safeguard citizens’ rights
  • Wider understanding by state and non-state actors of the Ethiopia and Uganda internet policy
    environment vis a vis constitutional rights.
  • Develop and understand incident response responsibilities and build incident response
    capacity in an organisation.
  • Learn to prepare for the extraction, storage and analysis of digital artefacts retrieved from
    digital sources..
  • Discover how to Identify potential areas of compromise on a system or a network
  • Learn the different mechanism and ways to collect relevant and key evidence about an
  • Learn efficient ways of configurations to prevent systems from connecting to malicious
    external entities.
  • Learn how to secure the network Edge.
  • Explore the steps to prevent unauthorized access to network resources
  • Practice how to scale up firewall capabilities to automate blocking and prevention of network
  • Be able to increase visibility within your organisation
  • Conducting Security audits using SAFETAG manual
  • Learn about the latest trends in data across multiple sectors
  • Hands-on trainings on a diverse range of topics. ( Data and Government, Advancing Artificial Intelligence, Financial Data and Technology, Data Science for Businesses
  • Introduction to internet of things
  • How internet of things related to the real world.
  • Internet of things for development
  • To create an extensive network of digital security trainers in Uganda;
  • To provide knowledge, skills and confidence to trainers in digital security in Uganda;
  • To provide tools, materials and resources for trainers to successfully conduct digital security training
  • Learn skills in Documentation, Advocacy, Digital Security, Design and Visualization

I collaborate with a team of professionals to deliver the best for you!

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