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An initiative to provide consultancy and professional services for Human Rights Defenders, Activists, Journalists, Corporate organizations & Businesses, Government Agencies, Individuals
This initiative came in as a result of my passion and enthusiasm to creatively support the community with my practical experience in digital security practices, data collection, analysis, reporting & visualization, Social media, Web technologies, project planning & management having identified these gaps needed in the ever changing society.
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Delivery is on time 90%
Hard Working
Never letting a second go by 99%
Get in touch anytime 85%
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Web Hosting & Design

Get your website hosted on a secure server from as low as $30 (UGX 100,000) with unlimited bandwidth and design from $20 (UGX 70,000) for a simple single page site. Enjoy free SSL for your site enabling encrypted interactions with your visitors.…


Digital Security Auditing & Training

No need to worry about the price. I can facilitate your trainings depending on need and number of participants. I will deliver my expert knowledge to you being a SAFETAG auditor, member of the Digital Security Alliance (DSA)


Software & Hardware Solutions

Prices of software and hardware vary according to which one you want. I offer complete hardware & software solutions that include maintenance, repair/customization and sales. Maintenance services include both hardware & software maintenance …


Capacity Building

Need capacity building in any of my services Lets start from $100 (UGX 370,000) a day, I have a talent for quickly learning new things and keeping projects on-track. I have the ability to explain complex technical issues in understandable, sim …