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An initiative to provide consultancy and professional services for Human Rights Defenders, Activists, Journalists, Corporate organizations & Businesses, Government Agencies, Individuals

This initiative came in as a result of my passion and enthusiasm to creatively support the community with my practical experience in digital security practices, data collection, analysis, reporting & visualization, Social media, Web technologies, project planning & management having identified these gaps needed in the ever changing society.

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Web Hosting & Design

There is adequate secure server space  to host your website, emails, databases and files and you never have to be worried of your website going down due to attacks or lack of space …


Digital Security Auditing & Training

We are SAFETAG auditors, members of the Digital Security Alliance (DSA) which is part of Defenders Protection Initiative (DPI) and this allows expert Digital Security training delivery …


Software & Hardware Solutions

Complete hardware & software solutions that include maintenance, repair/customization and sales. Maintenance services include both hardware & software maintenance …


Capacity Building

Talents for quickly learning new things and keeping projects on-track are accompanied by the ability to explain complex technical issues in understandable, simple and clear language …

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