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Enable guest account in Windows 10 via Group Policy

Note that Group Policy is not part of Home edition of Windows 10. So, this method doesn’t work on Windows 10 Home edition.

First Open Group Policy Editor, by typing Edit Group Policy in the Start or task bar search box and then pressing Enter key. Click Yes if and when you see the UAC prompt. Now In the Group Policy Editor, navigate to the following policy:

How to hard reset itel it1551 phone

This is one of the funniest phones I have come across but it is kinda simple to find your way around it.
First, Press the power button and volume down button and wait for a while …
Keep waiting because  it is gonna take about 30 second make sure your fingers are tight.
Then when the itel logo pops up, leave both buttons instantly. The logo doesn’t take even 5 seconds then you will see the the android recovery toolkit (no command screen)