Free Secure Web Hosting For CSOs PHASE 3 (OPEN)

Welcome to phase 3 of the Free Secure Web Hosting offer for CSOs and Businesses making a tremendous change in their communities.

This offer has already been successful in the last 2 phases.

I am open to receive applications for the second phase of the offer through this Link


I came-up with this idea looking at the many organizations doing a lot of excellent work out there and being unnoticed to the world because they do not have an online presence using a website and and missing to look professional with domain name customized emails has not been an easy thing. More priority will be given to organizations working on Human Rights but also any other CSO and companies doing tremendous work in the community is welcome to apply!

The offer covers a full year hosting expense for CSOs (i.e.) up-to 30th September 2022 which comprises a website, professional emails for all staff & departments of the Civil Society Organization.

More About this Offer

  1. You will buy/provide your domain name
  2. You will cater for design of your website.
    – I also have designers that you can work with at pocket friendly prices.
    – If you have an in-house designer, then your welcome to only apply for the hosting offer.
  3. Free Hosting will be up-to 30th September 2022 (website, emails, databases)
  4. You will have enough space for 1 Website (if you need a subdomain website too, let me know)
  5. You can create up-to 15 email addresses for your staff & departments
  6. You have unlimited space for your databases
  7. Support until end of the period i.e. 30th September 2022 and will continue after renewal of your hosting

Priority is given to organizations having Human rights related interventions but all other CSOs are welcome to apply. Although I have decided to also host some companies doing tremendous work in the community.

About your Privacy, Security & Renewal

First things first, all your data is safe on this server. I know most importantly you want to hear that

  • Your website is secure with an SSL and so is the whole of your server.
  • All your emails have Spam filters to prevent phishing emails.
  • 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection

Secondly, I know that “Privacy” is one of your concerns before you can choose to be on this offer. But “Dreamhost” will offer your web host panel total privacy from the master account. Most people are just as much concerned about the host being able to read their emails especially – but with this hosting, the master account is only able to set your account up and to reset for you passwords in case you forget your passwords but has totally no access to your emails. Of course websites pages are public and yes i will be able to see how your site is performing.

Thirdly, unlike other hosting servers, each organization will have it’s independent Advanced, Easy-to-Use Panel and can only control their own content and not other organizations’ benefiting from this offer.

Lastly, don’t worry about renewal being very expensive after the one year hosting with me.

  • Hosting renewal will be charged based the amount of space speculated for you to use but the highest possible amount charged will not be exceed $110 payable per annually. Discounts will apply for multi-year renewals
  • You are responsible for renewal for your domain. Domain renewals are mostly from $17.99 to $30 depending on the domain extension you’re using. I guess you already know that.
  • Bandwidth usage will still remain unlimited for all websites,
  • You will be able to add more emails, each account can have up to 30 professional emails from the previous 15 emails in the free hosting period.
  • Every other service you had will remain as it is unless you would like to add more after consulting.

I would also be happy to give you advice on utilizing other social media platforms …

Is there anything you feel that I left out? Comment below and I will get back to you!


Free Secure Web Hosting for CSOs and Companies

Please provide me with a number to reach you on phone. A telephone number that is as well on WhatsApp would be great!

More about your organization

Please tell me more about your organization! This will be the full name and acronym of the organization, what you do, number of staff, your location (head office and branch offices)

Write full name of the organization and in brackets the acronym
Please tell me what departments you have, or what services you you carry out in your interventions. Numbering these departments/services would be neat and appreciated! Start with your human rights interventions if you have.
Where is your organization located? Does it have any branches or cover other areas in its interventions? Please tell me more about it.
Tell me about what has been hindering you from having a website for your organization. If you do not have other online presence like social media, tell me about it too!

You're almost there! You're making tremendous progress!

You will have the a website, emails for your organization. Now let's see how this offer can fit for you!

1. This offer covers only hosting charges for your website and emails. (1 website and up to 25 emails)
2. You will provide the host with your preferred domain. In case you do not have a domain yet, domains costs from $10 to $25 depending on what you choose
3. You will also pay for designing in case you need it at a friendly price. But if you have someone to design at office, I will be happy to set you up and hand over your hosting panel to you!

A website domain is your url to access your organization website and email extension. For example "" and ""
Domain names cost from $14 to $20. You can buy your domain yourself or you can let us buy for you when you are selected. The domain will cost you 40,000 UGX to 75,000 UGX. Let's hope you get a cheaper domain name!
We have agreed that you will pay them from $42 (i.e. 150,000 UGX) to $120 (i.e. 450,000 UGX) depending on the content. The price includes $8 (i.e. 30,000 UGX) contribution for internet that you will pay for the designer to start working on your website and you can pay the rest after finishing the website and if you are happy with it

Already Done!

You are already done! But just in case I don't miss out on anything, Just answer this last two questions.
Please be clear and make me understand every letter or number you type ...

I will get back and notify you about the next steps on this offer as soon as possible!

If there is anything you would like to talk to me about prior to that, kindly contact me on the following:

Phone: +256787467694

You can visit my website for more infomation about me:

I wish you all the best! Looking forward to working with you ...

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