Tech Talent: How Startups Attract and Hire Them

Startups may find it hard to find the right tech talent, but having the right tech talent will make a startup technologically strong and help it create value through its solid people strategies.

A startup must develop a lifecycle plan for its workforce, from outlining strategies for attracting and retaining talent. In other words, strategies must be developed to have a good employee experience, an effective work model, and a supportive workplace culture.

Tips for Attracting and Hiring the Best Tech Talent

We know that you need to learn how to attract the best tech talent for your startup, don’t worry. We are here to help you by giving you some tips that will be very useful. Focus on what’s important, that is, having a clear view of what you need to generate value.

Have a Clear Idea of the Tech Talent You Need

Creativity is a necessary quality for a startup. However, you probably also need the tech talent to know about cloud computing or artificial intelligence. It means you must define both the soft and tech skills you consider necessary to add to your team.

The startup staff must have initiative and must be able to work independently without waiting to be told what to do. Some of the most important soft skills that a tech talent should have included the following:

  • Decision making
  • Critical thinking
  • Communication skills
  • Creativity

After determining whether a candidate possesses these soft skills, you must define the technical skills you require. You should keep in mind that technical skills can be learned, and training your staff is always a good idea.

So consider which tech skill is indispensable and that other skills can be acquired in the future by training your employees with online courses like coding bootcamps. The main tech skills needed in a startup are:

  • Programming or web development
  • Digital Business Analysis
  • Digital Marketing
  • Data Science
  • Data Analytics

Highlight Your Values

By defining your company’s values, you can create a set of interesting and appealing principles for the people you want to attract. Being open and transparent and having a well-defined focus will help you create a brand that can be recognized specifically for what you have made. That is not only what your customers and your potential employees see.

Dedicated Job Postings

The job posting you make to find candidates should be as specific as possible. It should include the skills and knowledge needed, experience, and qualifications. Pointing out all of the requirements will help you to narrow down your search and make it faster since it specifies the talent required and avoids wasting time considering other candidates who are not suitable.

You should also outline the main activities the employee is expected to perform. As well as the benefits they will receive. Also, it would be ideal to state the importance of this position within your company. 


Use job boards to get the best tech talent. For this, there are many different options; one of them is Glassdoor, where you can find a long list of tech talent. You can also try less traditional channels, such as GitHub. You can also partner with schools like Flatiron School, General Assembly, Thinkful, Springboard, and App Academy, to attract graduates from coding bootcamps. 

Networking is another option that can be very beneficial, as can enlisting the assistance of your employees. Always keep up with the latest events in the tech industry and try to attend them to create important connections with industry professionals who can help you find the talent you need.

Focus on the Candidate’s Experience

Making the candidate experience as smooth as possible and making the entire selection process as quick as possible will make a good impression on candidates, whether they are selected or not. 

Involve your tech employees in the interview process and try to keep the process as short as possible by reducing the number of steps involved. Also, include a quick onboarding process to help new employees feel welcome.


The strategies to attract and hire tech talent in a startup are focused on acquiring value for your company. First, identify the exact skills and knowledge of the various careers in tech that will make the workforce grow, then create job postings that communicate what your startup is looking for. 

Finally, outline a candidate experience that makes prospective employees feel comfortable. It is important to clear your startup’s values and create connections to get a relationship with the tech industry and make your voice heard by the professionals in this industry.

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