The Most In-Demand Skills in the Tech Industry

The future of work is changing and technology continues to play a bigger role in this transformation. Jobs that involve repetitive tasks are gradually being replaced with automation and this is making a lot of people worried about losing theirs to robots. If you’re wondering how to tackle this situation, switching to a career in tech may be the answer.

In the past, the only reliable path toward building a career in tech was by getting a tech degree. It is, however, no longer the case. There are many great companies like Google or Apple that have made their requirements a little more flexible to meet the industry demands.

For that reason, we’ll introduce another alternative so you can break into tech without investing too much money and time—coding bootcamps. 

To start you off right, we have created a guide to highlight some of the most in-demand skills that can boost your industry prospects and the resources from which you can learn them.

Data Science

Data science is already one of the most in-demand tech skills today. The reason for this is that many companies use the service of data analysts to make wiser business decisions. Data scientists can forecast future customer trends, evaluate the performance of businesses, and come up with new and effective workflows. 

Data scientists are capable of collecting the information from a company’s data set and analyze the result to create an actionable insight based on the patterns found in that data. Currently, data science is largely helping the scientific community to study disease trends, forecast the future scope, and find new cures. A data scientist’s estimated salary is $120,000 annually.

There are several great schools where you can learn about data science. Some of the best ones include General Assembly and Galvanize. They, however, may offer different things so it is best to do your research well before signing up for a lesson. General Assembly, for instance, offers upfront and loan financing plans for those that need flexible payment methods. Galvanize, on the other hand, requires its students to have some mathematics and statistics background before applying for this course. Here you can find a list of other top data science bootcamps available. 

Software Development

Software development is the process of conceiving a digital product by using programming and coding skills. This profession has become more important than ever in the past couple of years. The reason for this is that companies have learned the importance of software and application as a new way to interact with customers and to foster better customer engagement. With an app or software of their own, companies are more accessible to their customers. Therefore, this is surely a tech skill that will continue to be sought after in the future.

You can learn this skill at Flatiron School which offers a comprehensive course, covering everything you’d need to know about software engineering. Flatiron graduates can earn up to $80,000 annually and the school also offers flexible payment methods. You even have the option to study first and only worry about the tuition fee after you’ve successfully landed a job. 

Mobile Development

A mobile developer is someone who is designated to develop Android and iOS apps by using programming languages like Java or Swift. According to a 2017 Mobile App Report at Comscore, young people spent 66 percent of their time on mobile apps. This could give you an idea of how important this role is in today’s job landscape. It can easily continue to be an in-demand job in the future. Forbes magazine released a report showing how IoT will exponentially grow in 2021, and most of those IoT devices will be controlled through mobile apps.  

You can learn this skill at Lambda School which is a very popular institution for its comprehensive iOS development bootcamps. Lambda is very focused on getting its graduates a job, so it offers training that includes real-life challenges. This is to better prepare them for the future. It also offers flexible payment methods—you can either pay upfront or once you get a job.


Learning a new tech skill will boost your career development and open the doors for various opportunities. Most of these bootcamps offer adaptive education so you can choose to learn at your own pace. And if money is a concern, you can always opt for flexible financing plans like study loans or deferred tuition. Take your pick and you will be well on your way toward making a change in the tech industry. Who knows, perhaps one day you could be the next genius that comes up with tech solutions that will make everyone’s lives easier.

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