Which mindset do you have?

People who have fixed mindset:

  • tend to get tired even when they are just starting something
  • give up and avoid challenges because of fear of not being smart or talented enough.
  • totally lose interest when a task becomes harder.
  • always want to be rewarded for their efforts, even when they’ve done very little.
  • get discouraged after one setback, rejection, or failure.
  • give up easily.

People with growth mindset:

  • actively engage in things they do not know
  • are always willing to finish their task even past deadline
  • willingly seek challenges and thrive under pressure.
  • are more motivated when things get hard.
  • does not let one mistake or setback define their potential.
  • believe that hard work is essential because natural talent is simply not enough.
  • love what they do and don’t want to stop doing it.

I know you can now distinguish yourself with the characteristics above.

Unfortunately, most of us tend to have a fixed mindset because we think many things are for specific people.

As much as we have personal idols in life, we don’t so much even believe we can be like our idols.

We all fall into the trap that we can’t be better at something. For example, simply thinking that “I am not good at math” already stops you from trying to learn math better. I personally loved math and proceeded with it to an extend of graduating as a high-school teacher for math. Now you will experience that having a fixed mindset inhibits your growth, which in turn, can affect your personal happiness down the line.

Therefore we need to get out of our comfort zone and believe more in ourselves knowing that we have unlimited abilities in this life we live …

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” -Michael Jordan

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