Why you need to get SSL for your server now!

With your site fully secured, you can win over your visitors trust since they will know that your site has guaranteed their data while browsing through it. And in case your site has any online transactions, it’s now a really high time for you to get an SSL because if only everyone knew, No one would do any transaction on a website without an SSL since it would be like writing your bank account details on the back of a shirt including all personal identifying information.

What does an SSL website look like?

SSL websites are clearly distinguished from non-SSL websites.

SSL-secured websites begin with https rather than http, and they are marked by the padlock icon in the address bar.

Websites with extended validation SSL certificates (a standard for websites dealing in financial transactions) have the organization name highlighted in green in the beginning portion of the address bar, along with the padlock icon. You can see this for yourself on the internet banking website of any major bank.

Selecting the green text or the padlock icon reveals that it is a secure connection. In some browsers like Chrome, the word ‘Secure’ is clearly displayed in green.

Things that You Should Know About Having a Server Certificate

1. An SSL Builds Trust and Credibility

An SSL is a sign that users can trust that their information is not being intercepted by third party who can be the government or thieves and hackers. When most users visit a site and are warned of it not having an SSL the smartest thing to normally do is to exit your site unless its really very important for them to be on your site.

HTTPS Sites – Customers’ First Choice:

Google does mention the encrypted sites with HTTPS and sites that have no encryption will have only HTTP at the initial of the website address. When users see the “HTTPS” in the search engine, there are more chance to users click on “HTTPS” website. Security conscious customers will love to engage with encrypted sites.

Such sites will have higher click-through ratio than HTTP websites. Google is indirectly telling to customers and visitors that which sites (HTTPS) they should go with.

2. Site Security is Least Compromised When it Offers Multiple Checkpoints

SSL offers full-time security from start to finish while some sites utilize security in the search. These fully secured sites offer an obvious advantage to users who value their anonymity or identity.

3. More than a Third of Sites are Secure

Most site owners are nowadays working towards securing their sites with SSL. Yes, more than one third of sites are now secure and I think it’d be good for your site to keep pushing the percentage.

4. Securing Your Site Increases Rankings

Secured sites tend to be winning most of the ranking on search engines. Now imagine your site rich in information being left behind in the search engines and some lousy sites with relatively same content as yours are on top because they have an SSL.

Google Gives priority to HTTPS sites in SERP:

HTTPS as a signal booster is a lightweight signal that will influence 1% of global queries, but when a user search for any query, there will be HTTPS site on the top of the search result, which also ensures users about web site security.

In the below example, You can see that SSL secure website will have advantages over the non-encrypted website (HTTP). It is clear that Google has given the advantage to secure website compare to the non-encrypted website.

5. Monitoring Sites Decreases Vulnerability

With SSL, you can adequately monitor your site. Monitoring your site can decrease the likelihood that your security can be easily intercepted. You can add additional monitoring to your site but first, get an SSL. As more people engage in the online world, it is necessary to provide a safe experience to information seekers.

Make sure to get your website address to https://www.yourdomain today. Most browsers will even give you a green address bar! Just imagine how your visitors feel browsing on your secure site!


from SSL2BUY

Recently, Google has announced that HTTPS sites will be seen as a ranking signal, the motto behind the announcement is to create a secure environment for the whole internet world. It is false that Google is against HTTPS websites because the search engine giant puts customer and web security on priority base and for that Google frequently brings changes in their algorithms to give users a better place for surfing after all. While moving to HTTPS, you should properly redirect each URL in a correct manner, which will not affect your search rankings and your long-term ranking will be preserved.

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