Why Windows 7 Users Are Refusing to Upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 10 support is ending early next year (Jan 18, 2020), and as much as some people know about this, it hasn’t discouraged them from using the amazing Windows 7. I personally have friends i know who are not an inch ready to give up on Windows 7 and at the same time they don’t wanna know about other Windows versions and latest features since they are just in love with 7.

Windows 7 owns an astonishing 36.4% of the desktop OS market despite its impending expiry date of Jan 18, 2020, a decade after the OS was launched, according to a report from NetMarketShare (first reported by TechRadar).

There are several reasons why people are refusing to abandon Windows 7. For one, it can be a hassle for large businesses who have already deployed Windows 7 across their systems to make the change. For individual users, Windows 7 offers a familiarity and simplicity that Windows 10 threatens. Some users may also have a bad taste in their mouth after Windows 8, Microsoft’s failed, touch-focused experiment that introduced the tile interface seen on Windows 10.

Microsoft is set to pull the plug on Windows 7 in just eight months time by ending security patches and support for the OS. While even that might not be enough to get some individuals to upgrade to Windows 10, it could be a serious problem for businesses that use Windows 7 across their workforce.  A company risks losing sensitive information to malicious attacks if they remain on Windows 7 as their business laptops won’t receiving crucial security updates.

That became a problem for the millions of diehard Windows XP users in 2017 when the WannaCry malware infected hundreds of organizations. The attack was so devastating that Microsoft was forced to release an update for Windows XP long after it stopped supporting the OS.

To avoid a similar situation, Microsoft has been pushing hard for users to upgrade to Windows 10. The company is even offering a free transition to the latest desktop OS for anyone who has a Microsoft 365 Business license.

But all the same, if you think after reading this you’re ready to upgrade please leave your details in the comments below so I can get to you immediately and we see how to sort it out.

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