How to hard reset itel it1551 phone

This is one of the funniest phones I have come across but it is kinda simple to find your way around it.
First, Press the power button and volume down button and wait for a while …
Keep waiting because  it is gonna take about 30 second make sure your fingers are tight.
Then when the itel logo pops up, leave both buttons instantly. The logo doesn’t take even 5 seconds then you will see the the android recovery toolkit (no command screen)
Now when that shows up, most tutorials say you press the volume up button to get to the recovery menu but I think that one might not just work right, here is what i did …. I pressed all the three buttons (volume up and down and power) randomly until I show the recovery menu. That was crazy!
Then on the recovery menu, navigate to “wipe data/factory reset” using the volume up and down keys then press the power button to select, the simplest menu pops at and displays “yes” or “no” but in that case, its wiser to press yes.¬†Please read the warning carefully.
then Bingo,
So, no fear, go ahead and hit the power button to reboot. We are done! Go enjoy your new phone!

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  1. Hey, great post. I was actually looking for this some days ago and today I accomplished my job. thanks

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